Sport Austria - Interessenvertretung und Serviceorganisation des organisierten
Sports in Österreich.


Sport Austria - the Austrian Sports Organization (Österreichischen Bundes-Sportorganisation) is a non-profit institution, which represents the interests of sports both in Austria and in international organizations. Therefore, Sport Austria is the central platform for coordination and consultation within the Austrian sports system.

The comprehensive scope of activities of Sport Austria includes the governance of political issues in the world of sports, provision of services for members, representation of sports concerns in federal institutions, representation of the Austrian sports community in international organizations, the coordination of special education centers, education and training of instructors and trainers, further education for management personnel, development of sports projects, the assessment and revision of legal and administrative bills and acts, information regarding legal and tax issues relevant to the sports community, publishing of publications, creation of databases and documentations, event and organizational marketing and promotion of fairness in sports, with particular regard toward special measures against doping, violence and racism.