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Coronavirus: Information in English

General recommendations for sport

Keep distance

  • From 15th of May on entry to outdoor sports facilities is allowed to play sports and for custodiants to supervise minors under the age of 14 years.
  • Interior facilities of the sports facility (e.g. changing rooms) are only permitted to enter if it is necessery to play the specific sport (e.g. access personal sports gear). When accessing interior rooms a mouth-nose-protection has to be worn.
  • A general distance of 2 m between persons has to be ensured while playing sports. Excluded are persons that live in the same household.
  • Spectators are not allowed to enter the sports facility.
  • Nationwide competitions (also without spectators) are not permitted.
  • Facilities for the gastronomy are allowed to open from 15th May on. The general regulations for facilities for gastronomy apply.

Special protection of risk groups

  • Minors (under the age of 14 years) have to be supervised by an adult (above 18 years) while attending the sports facility. A group size up to 6 people who have to be supervised is recommended. One adult can supervise minors up to the suggested group size.
  • There are no restrictions concerning the size of training groups. Nevertheless Sport Austria recommends that training groups should consist of a maximum of 10 people (including trainers).
  • People who show symptoms or feel sick are not allowed to participate in playing sports.
  • Playing sports with low risk is recommended.
  • If operators of sports facilities observe violations to the applicable rules of conduct, operators can send the violator off the sports facility.
  • Members of risk groups (e.g. pre-existing illnesses such as diabetes or immunosuppression) have to be especially considered. They are only allowed to train themselves.

Hygenic rules

  • The general hygenic rules (regular hand-washing, not touch your face with your hands, sneeze and cough into to inside of the elbow) have to be respected.
  • Sports gear that is touched with the hands has to be desinfected before and after usage by changing persons.

Traffic restrictions

  • Car pools to travel to sports facilities should not be used. Excluded are persons that live in the same household.


(updated: 06.05.2020)